A 1056 Page Book With A 404 Page Review

Ugaritische GrammatikAmong the several books I received for Christmas this year was Josef Tropper’s Ugaritische Grammatik. I’ve used a library copy from time to time but the nearest copy is over 20 miles away so its nice to have it within a few steps. I may discuss the sad reasons that my local research library doesn’t have a copy in another post. Reviews of this mammoth work range from Agustinus Gianto’s measly 3 pages to Dennis Pardee’s 404 pages. Yes, for those of you who are learning this for the first time, you read that correctly. Pardee wrote a 404 page review. If you haven’t down loaded it, Pardee’s review is free online. Between, Tropper’s grammar and Pardee’s review, one can learn all the Ugaritic grammar that is reasonably knowable and the location of most of the problems where that grammar is obscure. In fact, one might be ably to find the problems from what Pardee calls “inconsistencies” in Tropper’s grammar without Pardee’s help.
I also received Jehad Aboud’s Die Rolle des Konigs und seiner Familie nach den Texten von Ugarit. Working with these two books may not improve my German but I’m pretty sure they will improve my swearing.