A 41 Year Old Quesadilla – Bon Appétit

While making arrangements for a group lunch this Thursday, I noticed this item on the menu,
      Aged Cheese Quesadilla (1969)
            Cheddar and Jack Cheeses Grilled in a Handmade Flour Tortilla.
            (with Beef, Roasted Pork or Chicken, add $1.95)
Now that is an “aged” Cheese Quesadilla. Talk about preparing the food in advance. And if that didn’t spoil my appetite, this sure did,
      Sonora Style Enchilada (1923)
      (First Enchilada Served at El Cholo)
           Layerd Corn Tortillas, Savory Chicken simmered in a Tomato,
           Onion, Cilantro Broth, & Cheese, topped with Olives
           and a Fried Egg.
It is hard to believe that they still have any part of the first enchilada they ever served. And they’re willing to part with it for only $10.75.
Upon closer inspection, I discovered that date after nearly every item on the menu was the date when they first introduced the dish. I still have reservations but I think we’ll eat there anyway.
Actually, this is a very good restraint. Our Thursday lunch group goes there a couple of times a year.

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