A 7-6th Century BCE Scarab With An “Ugaritic” Shin?

Scarab with somethingWell, I don’t think so. The other day Gianfranco Pintore posted a short discussion of what at first blush appears to be an abnormally interesting scarab. A rendition of the seal side is over there on the left. It comes from the Tharros in Italy. The date is likely in the general neighborhood of the 7th to 6th century BCE. You think it a forgery? Well, it seems that it was first publisher by Spando in 1862. The thing to notice is the symbol at the bottom. Pintore thinks it’s a Ugaritic like shin constructed from stylized wedges. I rather doubt this.
Scarab with LotusFirst, check out the small crescent on which the three wedges converge. There is nothing like that in any Ugaritic shin I know of. Instead of a shin what I think we have is a representation of a lotus plant or perhaps better a papyrus bunch. Notice the scarab on the right. It’s also supposedly from Tharros. The little bouquet at the bottom is almost certainty lotus. In fact, there are quite a few scarabs with lotus symbolism. Gardener-M-16But also look at the Egyptian sign for papyrus, Gardener, M 16.
In any case, Pintore’s post will give some an opportunity to improve your Italian and/or to curse Goggle Translator. I took advantage of both opportunities.