A Bad Omen, Giving Birth To Wind

Take a look at this from Šumma Izbu tablet I, omen 50.

    &nbspIf a women becomes pregnant with wind (IM, šaru), and gives birth to wind – there will be bad times and the mother will bar her door against her daughter; there will be no brotherhood; that land will disappear; the harvest of land will not prosper.

There are actually a couple of omens in Šumma Izbu that mention a women giving birth to wind (SAL IM Ù.TU, amīltu šara ulid).
Now look at this from Isaiah 26:18,
    &nbspWe were with child, we writhed –
    &nbspIt is as though we had given birth to wind (יָלַדְנוּ רוּח);
    &nbspWe have won no victory on earth;
    &nbspThe inhabitants of the world have not come to life?
         &nbsp ( JPS)
It’s hard not to see a reflex of the Šumma Izbu omen in Isaiah 26:18.
I now need to see if anyone else has noticed this. I also need to take a closer look at the last clause of Isaiah 26:18 (וּבַל-יִפְּלוּ יֹשְׁבֵי תֵבֵל).