A Couple Of Overdue Archaeology Items

Between some personal stuff and some not so personal stuff, I’ve failed to comment on a couple of recent announcements. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to discuss them at the depth they deserve today either. First, and in my view the most interesting, is the discovery of an assemblage of Late Bronze Age cultic objects from Tell el Qassis. The Mycenae connection is abnormally interesting. The Israel Antiquates Authority has the press release with a link to a file containing a few helpful pictures. This press release link is almost certainly temporary, so get there fast. I hope to be able to discuss this material in the context of some comparative material soon.
A second recent announcement is of a seal with the words lmlk gt, “belonging to king of Gath,” on it. Check this out at Antonio Lombatti’s Pseudoscienze Bibliche. He always has beautifully presented pictures. Be sure to take the Deutsch’s caveats into account.
Oh, and I just discovered a short article on Ebla at Global Arab Network, nothing earth shattering, nothing new but a short summary of a few of the discoveries and the importance of the site.