A Hebrew-Ugaritic Bibliography

Over at Daily Hebrew, Chip Hardy has posted and posted and posted and posted . . . and posted a lengthy Hebrew-Ugaritic bibliography. I have no idea how many entrees it has but there are hundreds. Such a lengthy bibliography can be helpful. But it can also be misleading because such a bibliography cannot reasonably be exhaustive and by its very length, the uninitiated might think that it is. I can’t find that Chip posted his criteria for including references. If he has, I hope he directs us to it; if he hasn’t, I hope he does.
For reasons that some readers will understand as personal, the fact that several items were missing from Chip’s bibliography struck me. In keeping with my usual modesty and lack of ego, I first looked to see if he included anything of mine. Frankly, there are only a couple of things that might have been included and they don’t exactly fit under the heading “Hebrew-Ugaritic bibliography.” But that didn’t keep me from looking. While the bibliography contained many works from before 1975, nothing of mine was there. I wasn’t too surprised or disappointed. So I decided to look to see if any of the works of my teacher Loren Fisher were included. I didn’t find one. Hmmm. Then I decided to check out the works of Mitchell Dahood and found quite a nice list but a couple that I though important were missing. Among those were his three chapters on Hebrew-Ugaritic word pairs, one chapter in each of the three Ras Shamra Parallels volumes. In fact, I couldn’t find a single reference to anyone’s work in any volume of Ras Shamra Parallels or a reference to the three volumes as a whole.
Again, I know such a bibliography cannot be exhaustive and the omissions I cited above are to some extent personal. If I were attempting such a bibliography, I’d no doubt leave out something that someone else thought quite important. Perhaps Chip’s bibliography is a work in progress and if so, it will become increasingly useful as time goes by.

Fisher, Loren ed. Ras Shamra Parallels: The Texts from Ugarit and the Hebrew Bible, Volume I, Analecta Orientalia, 49-51 , Rome: Pontificium Institutum Biblicum, 1971, 1975, 1981

2 thoughts on “A Hebrew-Ugaritic Bibliography”

  1. Duane,
    Thanks for the suggestions. Ideally I would like for the listing to be exhaustive, but this is probably impossible. I would, however, be happy to include whatever references you believe to be excluded. Please email me.

  2. Chip,
    Thanks for the comment. Your goal is very admirable. I’m jut not sure it is possible. I’ll try to pull a few additional suggestions together over the next few day and send them along.

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