A Matter Of Procedure

Several weeks ago I emailed a request to a very prominent scholar. Without going into the details, I asked if he would arrange for me to see some information to which I believed he had access.
I received a reply explaining that the delay in responding was due to the fact that procedures for requesting and releasing such information were not in place at the time of my request and that after some collaborative effort with his associates such procedures were now in place.
And exactly what is the request procedure? One must send an email requesting the information and he and his associates will decided if such requested information will be made available on a case by case basis. So I sent an email to the same scholar to whom I had previously email my request and requested information. It arrived yesterday morning.
To be fair, the scholar and his associates did need to setup some things on their end. There is also now a procedural requirement that one give proper credit should one publish or reference any of the information. But wouldn’t my first email have worked as well as my second as far as the request procedure goes.

2 thoughts on “A Matter Of Procedure”

  1. Glen – For want it is worth and for better or ill, some aspects of the excavation at Ugarit might be disturbed without proper attribution. The goal in this case is to make sure that the Syrian government and the French team get their due. I do not think there is any real effort on anyone’s part, including the Syrian government, to withhold information.

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