A Not So Simple Request

I’m looking for Jean-Marie Durand, Les documents epistolaires du palais de Mari 1/1, (Archives Royales de Mari 26/1). Specifically, I’m looking for pages 38 and 286 and perhaps a page or two before and after these. It seems that no library in Southern California has this volume, not even those that have nearly every other volume in the Archives Royales de Mari series. It’s not clear that the intrepid local research librarian who has gotten me books and articles from libraries in Europe can get hold of a copy of Archives Royales de Mari 26/1 either. It is available for sale online. But seeing that I only need to look at a couple of pages, the per price page, about $40.00 or more per required page, seems a little excessive.
Supposedly, these pages contain evidence for the Hurrian origin of Mesopotamian bird omens. Not that I think a Hurrian origin is impossible or even unlikely. It’s just that I want to see the evidence and evaluate it myself.
So, if any truly abnormal reader has access to this book and can send me the desired pages or can tell me how to get access to them, that assistance would be greatly appreciated. You might even share in a footnote along with several other people to whom I owe thanks for assistance in my current abnormal endeavor.
Update: February 8, 2011
Wow ! I really do have abnormal readers ! Thanks Pete!

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  1. Duane, we have the volume. I have made copies of pp 38 and 285-287. The former is a short discussion of other techniques of the barum while the latter are letters 119 [A.2643], 120 [M.6745], and 121 [M.7705]. These are omen reports, but I don’t see any indication that a bird omen was used. I also copied letter 229 [A.222] which is noted on pg 38 and makes explicit reference in line 14-15 to performing bird omens: “ina mushen-ha hu-ri-im wa-ar-ka-sa ap-ru-us-ma”.
    I will scan them when I get homeand e-mail you tonight.

  2. Glen,
    Yes, this is likely, but because of complexities in both the US and European copyright laws regarding data not absolutely certainly, a violation of copyright. Yeah, there sure may be some hypocrisy here and I’m not proud of it. But I also violate the speed limit from time to time. That doesn’t mean that I’m against speed limits and don’t think they should be enforced even against me. On the very few occasions in my life that I have gotten a speeding citation I deserved them and on all but one of those occasions U thought the officers was completely correct and both legally and morally right to cite me.

  3. Glenn, you were kidding, I hope. No, it is not a copyright infringement. First, it’s a few pages out of at least 286 (Fair use). Second, it’s not for commercial use it’s for private study.
    Try fighting infringement via pirating sometime. I stopped copyrighting script designs 20 years ago.

  4. Glen, I asked if you meant it. After all, you do have some interesting takes on copyright.
    What rant? Just remember that people who have suffered infringement (and lost income) are not too keen on violators.

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