A Problem

While I’m not above using this blog to communicate my abnormal concerns, I try not to use it for personal communications. That’s why we have email. But for some reason and with a particular individual who is a frequent reader of this blog, I’m having trouble communicating via email. No matter how I try to send this person an email (with or without attachments) or from what email service (I tried two quite different ones, my normal SMPT server and Yahoo Mail), it gets bounced as spam. Email to other friends and family goes through just fine even if they think some of it is spam.
So if you have recently emailed me seeking a copy of my pisser paper, please let me know how I can communicate with you. As soon as we establish communications, I will remove this post making it only the second post I have ever deleted from Abnormal Interests but surely not the second one I should have deleted.
The other post that I deleted at the request of someone whose personal security was jeopardized by the post. I hope someday I can discuss this abnormal event but that day is likely a long ways off.