A Proper Ruling For A Despicable Organization

I think the Supreme Court was correct in ruling in favor of the loathsome Westboro Baptist Church. We can’t demand freedom of speech only for those whose opinions and behavior we like. Fred W. Phelps and the members his family church are immoral cretins. They can and should be ridiculed. They can’t and should not be deprived of their rights. As long as they follow proper legal restrictions on distance, what they say or their posters say shouldn’t be prohibited.
But we must also remember that the seemly more sensible folks who otherwise share a traditional religious based bigotry against gays provide cover to Phelps’ unconscionable behavior. If someone needs ancient literature for explicit moral guidance, they cannot reasonably think of themselves as able to make moral decisions. They have surrendered their moral responsibility to their holy book. On that regard, their amoral vector points in the same direction as Phelps’ amoral vector. Their vector may be shorter but it points in the same direction. That say, we shouldn’t outlaw that particularly kind of somewhat more benign seeming amorality or immorality either.

2 thoughts on “A Proper Ruling For A Despicable Organization”

  1. Since I’m a God-hated fag, I tend to think that hate speech isn’t the kind of coherent, rational speech worth defending in a society not tipping over the edge of anarchy. Abuse, like the kind Westboro uses, is a means to control others. Yet when we allow abuse, we allow tyranny. I prefer a rational democracy to a free-for-all nutfarm, personally.

  2. The Supreme Court really made a huge mistake with this decision. The families have a right to peaceful funerals for their loved ones and when these idiots (Westboro) are there it disrupts the funeral and is so upsetting to the families. Westboro is so disgusting!!!!

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