A Question Of Priorities Accompanied By A Rant

I spent a good deal of time, in my view too much time, yesterday trying to get an appointment with my doctor to renew a couple of prescriptions. Yes, I did let this go to the last minute. I have my reasons, my excuses, but in in so far as there is any urgency, it is my fault.
However, my doctor’s office is unable to make an appointment anytime next week. The friendly person with whom I talked suggested that I call in every morning at 8:00 am starting Monday to see if they can work me in. Why they didn’t know at 4:30 pm on Friday if they could work me in on Monday but would know at 8:00 am Monday is beyond my poor powers to understand. Because it has been over a year, the doctor will cannot provide me with a one month’s prescription while we set up a proper appointment.
The implication of much of the conversation was that, my health being my highest priority, I shouldn’t let any other plans or obligations interfere with seeing the doctor when he was good and ready to see me.
Now here’s the problem. Except when I’m sick which isn’t very often and not even always then, my health is not my highest priority. If it were I would have made an appointment before we took our vacation to Alaska. Most of the time my health is a rather low priority. Luckily, that’s the way it has been most of my life. And that hasn’t change now that I’m what others call a senior citizen, you know, old(er).
That brings me to another rant. I worry that knowledge that I am retired often translates into not having anything much to do.
I changed to this doctor an couple of years ago for two reasons. First, he is Shirley’s GP, she likes him, and I thought consolidating doctors was a good idea. Second, my previous doctor couldn’t get it through his head that I just didn’t want to see him professionally every three months for the rest of my life. It was nothing personal. I know it’s mostly luck but my health just isn’t all that much of a priority.