A Somewhat Different Light On The Sun

While I’m on the subject of Shamash/Utu, there’s a Sumerian poem (BM 23631) that sings of a rather strange set of divine attributes. Among other things, Utu enjoys beer. Who would have guessed?
Inana, his sister, asks if she can go with him to the mountains. The text is broken, but for some reason she feels a need to add to her request,
     I am unfamiliar with womanly matters, with sexual intercourse!
     I am unfamiliar with womanly matters, with kissing!
     I am unfamiliar with sexual intercourse;
     I am unfamiliar with kissing!
I think I recall a passage from some holy book that reads, “And God said, ‘Let there be beer and then let there be sexual intercourse and kissing.'”