A Sumerian Descriptive Grammar

A recently published Sumerian grammar is available online. It is Abraham Hendrik Jagersma’s, Leiden University, doctoral thesis. Everyone who works with Akkadian texts runs up against situations where some knowledge of Sumerian is essential. At the most basic level, this is required by the Akkadian orthography with its Sumerian origins but also by the large number of Sumerian loanwords and even loan phrases found in Akkadian. As the ancient proverb goes,
A scribe who does not know Sumerian, what kind of a scribe is he?
Well, I am far from being a scribe and far from knowing Sumerian. But I do mess around with Akkadian and therefore must deal with Sumerian from time to time.
I am not even slightly competent to comment on of Jagersma’s lengthy A descriptive grammar of Sumerian. But it is good to have another free tool. Jagersma focuses on the Sumerian language in what is perhaps its purest form, a form with few, if any, Akkadian intrusions but still readable. His source texts come primarily from 2500 to 2000 BCE.
PS I’m working on a post for tomorrow that will be on another subject I don’t know much about.