A Week Away For Two Months Now

For the last two months, I’ve been a week away from completing an essay on the origins of Homeric augury The essay is an interdisciplinary study: Classics on the one hand and Assyriology on the other. But I am not a Classicist by any definition. Knowing a little Hellenistic Greek doesn’t make one a Classicist and it sure doesn’t make one a Homer specialist. I suppose it would be possible for the uninitiated to confuse me with an Assyriologist, but that would be wrong. At least I do have some relevant training and experience in that half of the study. I fear overlooking an important concept or missing relevant scholarship or getting something just plain wrong. So I have reached out for help.
Monday I receive wonderfully detailed feedback from a Classicist that our daughter introduced me to. It will take me about a week to incorporate her corrections and suggestions. But one of her suggestions was that I send an updated draft to another Classicist for his review. When I get his comments, I suppose I’ll be about a week from completing the thing.
And then off to anonymous peer review. Should the peer reviews find my essay at all salvageable, my experience is that it will take about a week to accommodate their criticism, and another week to respond to the editors whenever they do their thing and the another week to proofread when the proofs are ready. But I continue to delude myself into thinking it will be done in a week and I can go on to some other abnormal interest.