Alan Lenzi And The End

of Bible and Ancient Near East.
Alan Lenzi asked to be taken off the The Biblioblog Top 50 List but his request seems to have been ignored. So he’s trying something a little more drastic. If the The Biblioblog Top 50 List were just a link list as it was until recently, I would be on the side of whoever is maintaining the link list. It’s their site; they can do as they please. But once an implied or official affiliation comes into play, then anyone who who asks to be removed from the list should be removed ASAP.
I’m disappointed that Alan has decided to stop posting at Bible and Ancient Near East. Is this really the only way to get delisted? Will even this work? I hope he will find a new place for his abnormally interesting voice soon.

4 thoughts on “Alan Lenzi And The End”

  1. This is tragic indeed. Until I began my blog I had never heard of biblioblogs (of any description). Who makes the judgment of what qualifies as a biblioblog? I never get enough traffic to merit this kind of interest, but it disturbs me that a fine scholar is driven away from his own blog because of an entity that really doesn’t exist.

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