An Abbreviated Public Service

For any abnormal reader who may want such a thing, I’ve uploaded an Excel file with reference abbreviations as recommended by the American Journal of Archaeology and the Society of Biblical Literature. Even for the same reference, they sometimes have their differences.
I think the list from the American Journal of Archaeology is pretty clean. It may have a few errors but it was easy to import and required no manipulation by hand. The one from the SBL was not so easy. It took two machine conversions. The first of these conversions resulted in loads of errors, mostly errors in association between columns. Fixing these errors required a lot of cut and pasting and collation with the original. Some involuntary swearing was involved. So there is more than a little room for mistakes.
Anyway, you can download it with a click of the mouse.
Please let me know of any errors. Over time, I may add to it and I may try to put both lists on a single tab. But not now.

One thought on “An Abbreviated Public Service”

  1. Nice. I’ve often toyed with putting a list of abbreviations as a tab/page on my blog. Just haven’t had the time to do it. Maybe if I’m forced to compile one for publication of the diss I’ll get around to it. In the meantime, this is great!

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