An In-depth Study

Earlier today, I thought I had discovered something of great interest about a couple of figures on a cylinder seal that Kenyon uncovered in a Middle Bronze Age tomb at Jericho. Now I’m not so sure; more news may follow. However that may turn out, I did find something of abnormal interest. Horowitz and Oshima call the text on the seal Jericho 2. The text reads,
dA-a dA-a
which both Horowitz and Oshima, 96, and I translate,
Shamash, Shamash
Aya, Aya
But the figures on the seal interest me as much as the text. In the course of playing around with my idea about these figures, I thought I’d check the sole reference to the seal that Horowitz and Oshima list under “Studies.” That reference directed me to the work of Kurt Galling. Without fear of copyright violation I now provide you, my dear reader, with the complete text of Galling’s study of this seal,
“Altbab. Siegel.
JER. II, 656ff. (Tfl. 15,2).”
And for this, I made a trip to the library. I hope you found it as insightful as I did.

Galling, Kurt, Textbuch zur Geschichte Israels, Tübingen: Mohr, 1968, 13 A 4a
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Porada, Edith, “Cylinder Seals,” appendix F in Kathleen M. Kenyon, Excavations at Jericho II, The tombs Excavated in 1955-1958, London: British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, 1965, 656-658 and photo, pl 15, no 2

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  1. My first professor in Bible, Ron J. Allen at Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis), used to say, “In biblical studies, out on the limb is the only place to be.”
    As I began to get into the scholarship, my reading soon suggested to me that Ron’s sentiment represents, erm, a minority view in the field. :^)

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