An Uneventful Day

Today is one of those days in life that seems like it should be a milestone day but isn’t. I just send sent off (actually uploaded) my essay on the Mesopotamian origin of Homeric augury to a journal for peer review. That seems like a big deal to me, but only to me. As usual, there are now three possible outcomes, only one of which is really a milestone: 1) the reviewers might flat out reject my essay. 2) The reviewers might raise major concerns while holding out the hope that if I address their concerns they wound look more favorably upon the essay a second time around. 3) They might recommend that the journal publish the essay with perhaps only a few minor revisions. Of course, the second and third possibilities actually represent the ends of a continuum. But the only things that really are milestones in this process are having it accepted for publication and having it published. Should the process go well, having the essay accepted for publication is likely months away and having it published may be a year or two away.
Now, on to two essays I’ve had on the back burner for a while.