Another New Old City In Turkey

“Lost city found in Dardanelles, Turkey: Older than Troy,” so says the National Turk.
I assume the headline and the article means older than Troy I which it at ~7000 years old it certainly is. At first I thought this headline was rather weird. After all Turkey is filled with the remains of ancient city sites older than Troy I.
Neolithic Çatal Höyük is much older than both Troy I and the newly discovered site. And there is evidence of Neolithic settlements of some significance in and around Ephesus. And there’s the Cayonu settlement and the Hacilar settlement and . . . . From about the time of the finds mentioned in the article we have Canhasan, Beycesultan, Alisar and Alacahoyuk.
But the fact that both Troy and the newly researched site are in more or less close proximity may make the comparison less weird than I first thought.