Anson Rainey Is Gone

Professor Anson Rainey died today. Rainey was a very prolific and often controversial scholar of the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East. Several of his works grace my library. I first met Anson when I was a graduate student and he was a contributor to the Ras Shamra Parallels project. I was the associate editor assigned to work with him. I last saw him at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in San Diego in 2007. He was his usual vigorous and combative self. After I reintroduced myself (it had been over 30 years), he greeted me as a long lost friend. I will miss both his scholarship and his controversies.
According to Yigal Levin on the biblical-studies list, Anson died “after a blessedly short battle with pancreal cancer. Details about the funeral arrangements are not yet available.”
Update: A. D Riddle has an excellent post on Rainey including a picture of him at Gezer in 1968. The post also links to Rainey’s CV and extensive bibliography: 9 books, 112 articles, 4 textbooks, 42 chapters or articles in books, 23 encyclopedia entries, 81 conferences papers, 57 reviews and a couple of dozen things accepted but still awaiting publication.