Anti-Witchcraft in Ancient Mesopotamia

Unreported Heritage News has an interesting article anti-witchcraft in Mesopotamia. Tzvi Abusch’s work plays a central role in the piece. The piece discusses an incantation to Nusku that I also quote in one of my contributions to Alan Lenzi’s (very) forthcoming Reading Akkadian Prayers and Hymns.

A warlock has bewitched me; bewitch him with the witchcraft with which he bewitched me,
A witch has bewitched me; bewitch her with the witchcraft with which she bewitched me…

Good stuff.
The article largely reflects Abusch’s paper “An Early Form of the Witchcraft Ritual Maqlû and the Origin of a Babylonian Magical Ceremony,” in Lingering Over Words: Studies In Ancient Near Eastern Literature In Honor Of William K. Moran (ed. Tzvi Abusch, et al; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1990), 1–59.