Via ABZU I just discovered a link to ARANE, The Archaeomusicological Review of the Ancient Near East, and the website for ICONEA (the International Conference of Near Eastern Archaeomusicology). The ARANE issue is from 2009. It has the following abnormally interesting papers.

  • Leon Crickmore, “The Tonal Systems Of Mesopotamia And Ancient Greece: Some Similarities And Differences”
  • Joachim Braun, “Ancient Israel/Palestine And The New Historiography Of Music: Some Unanswered Questions”
  • Richard J Dumbrill, “Four Tables From The Temple Library Of Nippur: A Source For Plato’s Number In Relation To The Quantification Of Babylonian Tone Numbers”
  • Agnès Garcia-Ventura and Mireia López-Bertran, “Embodying Musical Performances In The Ancient Mediterranean”
  • Richard J Dumbrill, “Is The Heptagram In Cbs1766 A Dial?”
  • Leon Crickmore, “Harmonic Mythology, Nine interdisciplinary research notes”
  • Myriam Marcetteau, “The Horn Quartet: A Study Of Bull, Cow, Calf And Stag Figures On Sumerian Lyres”

I know so little about this subject that any comment I might offer on any of these papers would almost certainly be wrong. There does seem to be a slight problem with the title line of Table of Contents. It reads “ARANE 2008 – VOLUME I” when I think it means “ARANE 2009 – VOLUME I.” But then, the papers are largely (totally?) from 2008 or earlier. I hope that clears that up.