Audience Failure

Last night Shirley and I went to a concert. The music was great but, in one case, the audience failed to hold up our end of the deal. The first piece was Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, op. 84. There is a point in the overture where the music stops rather abruptly to signify Egmont’s decapitation. As an audience we survived that fine. But when the piece actually ended we failed as an audience. The conductor lowered his hands, then, looking somewhat confused, he stepped off the podium and then he motioned for the orchestra to stand. And then we started applauding! The piece was well preformed and deserving of the ovation it eventually got.
We didn’t deserve the remainder of the concert but we got it anyway. And a wonderful evening it was. The program featured two great student solo performances. Annie Aqua, a Scripps College student, performed the solo part in Antonín Dvořák’s “Romance for Violin and Orchestra” in F minor, op. 11. I’d not heard the piece before but would love to hear again, particularly with Ms Aqua on the violin.
Diana Ahn, also a Scripps College student, provided a virtuoso performance of the Allegro con brio from Beethoven’s Piano Concerto, No. 3 in C minor, op. 37. Wonderful!
Neither Ms Aqua nor Ms Ahn is a music major. They just make wonderful music. I’m happy to say that the audience did a better job of showing our appreciation after our initial failure.