Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 2, Is Out

You can order yours at the UC Press. Slate provided a sample. Here’s a sample from the Slate’s sample.

There are many pretty and winning things about the human race. It is perhaps the poorest of all the inventions of all the gods, but it has never suspected it once. There is nothing prettier than its naïve and complacent appreciation of itself. It comes out frankly and proclaims, without bashfulness, or any sign of a blush, that it is the noblest work of God. It has had a billion opportunities to know better, but all signs fail with this ass. I could say harsh things about it, but I cannot bring myself to do it—it is like hitting a child.

I think I will ask Santa for a copy.

2 thoughts on “Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 2, Is Out”

  1. Thanks, I knew they would sometime soon. Vol 1 is also on line. I just hadn’t gotten around to look for it. The online publications actually have lots of nice stuff that the printed versions don’t have. Still, I’m a book guy. So Santa, I still want the book.

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