Bagdad West

Yesterday was the hottest day on record. At least in the greater Los Angeles area it was.

How hot was it? The National Weather Service’s thermometer downtown reached 113 degrees for the first time since records began being kept in 1877 — and then stopped working.[Los Angeles Times]

It was likely five decrees or so hotter where we live.
And at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon the electricity when down at our house and three others on our block. No internet. No email. As some of you may have noticed, no Abnormal Interests.
We had planned to eat in for a change but without power we couldn’t cook and it was unbelievable hot in the house. So we did our usual and lingered over dinner at a nice air-conditioned restaurant. While it was still light, we read. After dark, we played Yahtzee by oil lamp and flashlight. Then we went out for a banana split.
Some time around midnight, Edison was able to restore power.

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