Biblical Studies Carnival Next In Order Is Coming

Sometime shortly after the end of the month I plan to post the Biblical Studies Carnival next in order. Please nominate abnormally interesting posts from January. And please spread the word. The sooner I get suggestions, the easier the task will be. Here’s how to submit your nominations.

  1. Send the following information to the following email address: biblical_studies_carnival AT If you’re not sure whether a post qualifies, send it anyway and the I will decide whether to include it.
    • The title and permalink URL of the blog post you wish to nominate and the author’s name or pseudonym.
    • A short (two or three sentence) summary of the blog post.
    • The title and URL of the blog on which it appears (please note if it is a group blog).
    • Include “Biblical Studies Carnival XLX” in the subject line of your email
    • Your own name and email address.
  2. Use the submission form provided by Blog Carnival. (This is probably the easier option if you only have one nomination.) Just select “biblical studies carnival” and fill in the rest of the information noted above.

For reasons some of you will understand, I don’t know if this should be BSC XLIX or XLX. That may remain a mystery until the first of February.