August 06, 2005

Mr. President, Did Anything Happen in Iraq This Last Week?

Read President Bush's Saturday morning radio address and see if you can believe what he didn't mention. I guess I can forgive him for gloating about July job numbers but as Fuzzert reminds us,

This week at least 24 US Marines died in the Euphrates Valley and, in July, 48 Americans died in Iraq.

It is very hard to forgive his ignoring this little detail in the week's news. There may be many people who support the war in Iraq and also support our troops. The President isn't one of them.

In fact, his glowing words about job growth are themselves just part of the job story.

Notes in Samsara directs readers to a New York Times article that correctly points out that the actual job picture is "considerably more nuanced."

With July's number, the average monthly job creation so far this year comes to 191,000. (Since the spring of 2003, when job losses bottomed out, the monthly average has been 152,000.) That's enough to absorb the 150,000 or so new workers who enter the labor force each month, and then some. Still, it's not robust. If jobs were being created today at the same pace as in other economic recoveries since World War II, the monthly average would be about 250,000.

He couldn't tell the whole truth about jobs and couldn't say anything about our dead soldiers.

Via Atrios

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