September 20, 2005

Dealing with Creationists (ID and Otherwise)

I'm a little late coming to this discussion but I thought my readers who do not regularly visit more main stream science oriented sites or the important political blogs could use the advice in a this morning's New York Times on how to deal with creationists. This is a problem that museum docents face every day and what is good for them will also work at a party or at lunch with creationist acquaintances. Actually, a pamphlet has been developed to help deal with those who challenge scientific explanations of the diversity of life.

Here is a synapse of the advice as it appears in the Times article,

I would add, if a question is asked and you don't know the answer, don't wing it. There is already more than enough misinformation in this area. Tell the questioner that you will find out or get them to a knowledgeable source.

As PZ Myers points out, a good place to get answers is the Berkley Understanding Evolution website.

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