November 9, 2005

A New and Rational School Board for Dover

If you haven't been following it, the Dover, Pennsylvania School Board is being sued by parents because they have introduced Intelligent Design Creationism into their science curriculum. Well, yesterday voters threw out every single creationist. There is a write up on it with the tabulated results at The Panda's Thumb.

And here's part of what the Hanover Evening Sun said,

Intelligent design is out.

In dramatic fashion, Dover CARES - a group formed to oppose Dover school board candidates in favor of the theory on trial in federal court - took all seats in Tuesday's election.

In case you are wondering, I loved their headline,

Intelligent design supporters ousted.

It's a great day to be a progressive but it is only a day. We cannot let down our guard for the barbarians are still at the gates.

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Pat Robertson (an easy target, but whose fault is that?) has already commented that, if Dover should suffer a natural disaster of any kind, they should not call to God for help, since they have evicted God from their city.

Presumably, God will be too busy succoring Kansas and their state board of education.

Posted by: Brooke at November 10, 2005 1:05 PM

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