November 14, 2005

More on the Tell es-Safi Potshard

Jim West directs us to a web page set up by the Tell es-Safi seems to reinforce the opinion that the potshard has something to do with Goliath. Incredible. They do have a great picture of the shard where the writing is clearer than anything else I have seen. I have cutout the text itself so you can see it clearly.

Tell es-Safi Potshard

From this picture, it is hard not to see something other than an aleph and only an aleph (as most people have it) before the first l. The sign immediately before the first l still looks like a t to me. And the very first sign before this t and crowding it may be an aleph. Whatever it is, I no longer think it is a g as I had first suggested. Notice that it appears that this first word ends in two ts. The second one is fainter than the first. Also, as Tyler Williams pointed out the l in the second word is indeed strange. Could it be that we have something, I know not what, else here?

The more I look at this the less I see Goliath. I plan to be at the ASOR meeting where there will be a presentation on the inscription later this week. Perhaps I will change my mind about all this but I think anyone who associates the potshard with Goliath as a whole lot of explaining to do.

I have two other posts on this ostracon

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