March 30, 2006

Angels in the Gaps

Regular readers of The Panda's Thumb are likely to have already seen this but for those who have not, Nick Matzke leads us to an extremely hilarious piece by one Robert C. Newman. Newman takes on the pressing problem (pressing only to creationists) of how organisms and features of organisms that are somehow unworthy of God came to be. His answer: "Good and Evil Angels." And he sees the possibility of their handiwork in the panda's thumb, Ichneumonidae, AIDS and Ebola! Warning! Read this at your own risk. I nearly fell off my chair in hysterical convulsions on two occasions. For your own safety, I strongly suggest diverting your eyes when he presents the table of the various attributes of God, good angels, bad angels and man.

The funniest thing about this is that Newman doesn't think it's funny. He unfolds his fairy tale with the aid of 39 footnotes and the full apparatus of a scholarly paper on a serious subject. It moggles the bind.

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