March 1, 2006

What a Day! Biology and Biblical Studies

Two blog carnivals went up today. Tangled Bank #48 is up over at Aetiology and Biblical Studies Carnival III is up at Ricoblog. If you really have abnormal interests you might want to try alternating between single posts from Tangled Bank and Biblical Studies Carnival but this could prove dangerous. I don't recommend it unless you are very experienced with mental gymnastics and have all your other affairs in order.

Oh yeah, if you don't have time for these carnivals you might get a good dose of both science and Hebrew Bible at Higgaion where Chris Heard takes on Jim West of the Petros Baptist Church on the subject of the compatibility of the religion and evolution. This exchange may not be a carnival but it sure is entertaining.

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Just "entertaining"? We don't qualify as "abnormally interesting"?

Posted by: Christopher Heard at March 2, 2006 10:38 PM

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