August 11, 2006

Anson Rainey on William Dever and the Origins of Those People

Anyone interested in the ongoing war battle controversy debate discussion of the origins of the Israelites those folks that built four room pillared houses in the hill county of Canaan Palestine Israel and Judah . . . well, you know what hill country I mean . . . and built a lot of silos and used a lot of collar rim jars in the Iron Age I period might want to take a look at the rant article by Anson Rainey on the Biblical Archeological Review website.

While Rainey directs most of his considerable vile at William Dever and company, I don't see how the Biblical nihilists minimalists revisionists . . . you know who I mean . . . are helped much by this article. Certainly, Rainey, if correct, cuts the heart out of Finklestein's position as well as Dever's. Rainey appears to me to be firmly in the "conquest" camp but with an abnormally interesting modification. The new comers (can I say "new comers"?) came from "the steppes of Transjordan and possibly the Syrian Desert." Rainey's remarks on Aramaic and Hebrew over against Ugaritic or Phoenician are well taken, particularly when one looks at certain verbs. He notes that the Hebrew/Aramaic verb *HWY meaning "to be" (or "become") does not occur in Ugaritic or Phoenician. I made the same point in the case of Ugaritic some time ago. But thinking that Hebrew is not a Canaanite language will take a little getting use to.

Via Jim West

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This is one of the funniest and serious posts I have ever read. You made it a joy to read about what Rainey wrote.


Posted by: Joe Cathey at August 11, 2006 12:38 PM

Grand work Duane! I love the words lined out. If I knew how to do such things I would immediately begin manking use of them.

Posted by: Jim at August 11, 2006 05:33 PM

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