April 10, 2008

Complicating a False Dichotomy

Chris Heard explains "Why Ken Miller isn’t in Expelled" and he uses associate producer Mark Mathis's own words to do it.

But I would tell you from a, my personal standpoint as somebody who’s worked on this project, that Ken Miller would have confused the film unnecessarily. I don’t agree with Ken Miller. I think that you, I think that when you look at this issue and this debate, that really there’s, there’s one side of the line or the other, and you, it’s, it’s hard to stay, I don’t think you can intellectually, honestly, honestly intellectually stand on a line that I don’t think exists— [from Chris' transcription of a recorded interview with John Rennie (editor-in-chief of Scientific American), Steve Mirsky (one of Scientific American’s editors) My emphasis added.]

Please read all of Chris' post. Among other things, you'll discover that I ripped off the title of this post from Chris' concluding paragraph.

As both my regular readers know, I don't think there is any evidence for the existence of God, god or gods but evolution has little to do with this opinion. As I see it, the only place where evolution and theology meet is in epistemological considerations. For me, the same probabilistic concerns that tend to be extremely supportive of evolution are not supportive of the supposed subject(s) of theology. But, your results may vary. And many religiously devout people (see Chris' post for a link to short list of over 11,000) see evolution as the key to understanding biology just as they see their religious beliefs as key to other aspects of their life.

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Nice to see others from the "dark side" appreciating Chris' post.

Posted by: Alan Lenzi at April 10, 2008 7:26 PM

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