Blogging Hiatus Slowdown

As the two of you who read this blog on a regular basis know, things have been a little slow around here for a couple of months and what there has been has not been all that abnormal or all that interesting. I first posted here on January 31, 2005. Most of the time I’ve tried to post something every day. Sometimes I failed in the daily effort; sometimes I had mutual posts. Some of these posts were substantive; most often they just reflected whatever caught my eye that day. But it has become harder and harder to find something that motivates me. Things still catch my eye and I still have abnormal interests but the blogging spark just isn’t there. What was once a pleasure is now too often drudgery. So, for a while at least, I will post less frequently and only when I really think I have something to contribute. That doesn’t mean that I won’t post tomorrow. It does mean that I won’t post every tomorrow.
I’m still working on a couple of things for more traditional publication. I’m still working my way through a couple more Šumma Ālu tablets. I still have some fresh ideas swirling around in the recesses of my mind. As these things mature I may report on them but then again, I may not. I will continue to read my news feed. If you are a blogger who shares my abnormal interests don’t think you can get away with anything during this blogging slowdown.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus Slowdown”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about being “chained to the blogger treadmill”, as it were. The relationship between a blogger and his/her readers is a two-way street. We try to be relevant to readers as best we can but we should also find a balance that’s also pleasing to ourselves to avoid creative burn-out. Our creativity needs a certain amount of time and space to remain fresh so there’s nothing to be guilty of. We’re not robots.
    In my case, posting every day has become too much time and effort. I think that posting a quality post every week is sufficient. Having regularly scheduled two-second, mini-entries relevant to your interests can help take some pressure off you as you develop more detailed thoughts for the week. Those that post daily often don’t show depth and quality in what they write anyway but you’re too detail-oriented to ever be accused of being shallow.
    A core readership who have like interests will always understand and stick around. They have in my case despite my being absent for months (!!!) and I’m grateful. Realizing that I have that room for myself has also inspired me to continue at a slower pace that is sufficient for me without feeling chained to some unforgiving deadline.
    I find your historical posts very valuable because it helps me learn more about the many parallels between Etruscan religion/culture and that of Canaanite/Old Testament and Akkadian culture. You help me appreciate all the more how connected Mediterranean peoples were in ancient times and the nature of these complex relationships.
    Find your pace. Your readers aren’t go away. We’re still here. :o)

  2. I still read fervently – even if I don’t comment all the time. I hope you find the time to continue posting your very abnormal and interesting posts – no matter how long it takes you. 😀
    Or you could just hire a Ghostwriter heh heh!

  3. Duane,
    I also took a break from blogging during my sabbatical. I had to make a choice between my academic work and blogging.
    Your blog is one of the few that I still read regularly. Write often, even if it is only once a week.
    Claude Mariottini

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