The October Biblical Studies Carnival is up at BLT. I hear it’s a little late. But how would I know? I barely looked at a blog from the first of October until November 6th. Why didn’t J. K. Gayle include any of my posts in the carnival? One reason may be that I barely wrote anything in October. I certainly didn’t write anything of abnormal interest. However, others sure did. You will no doubt find something exciting at the carnival.
Update: It seems I did make the carnival after all.

One thought on “BSC On BLT”

  1. Thanks for the link, Duane! And thanks for your patience. Our motto the last several weeks and days has been “It’s never too late, really.” We’ve included one of our fav October posts of yours this day when the carnival, finally, was posted. All the best, – J. K. Gayle

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