But Then He Doesn’t Need To Look At It

Reactionary Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker replaced a painting by David Lenz in the executive residence with a painting of Old Abe, a Civil War-era bald eagle from Wisconsin. Here’s part of what the news release from the governor’s office said of this.

The painting Wishes in the Wind, which was previously on display in the Drawing Room, is on loan to the Central Library in Milwaukee where 560,000 visitors each year will see it, learn about its significance and continue the discussion about providing hope and optimism for the least privileged in our society. By comparison, the Executive Residence hosts approximately 15,000 visitors each year.

Here’s a description of Wishing in the Wind,

“Wishes In The Wind” was made to fit above the grand mantle in the governor’s mansion. It seems a perfect place of honor for an image of children, who don’t really have a voice in politics. The three exuberant children are all real kids from Milwaukee who’ve been challenged be adversity. One was helped by the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, another was connected to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Milwaukee and the third child’s life was forever altered by a drunk driver who killed his father and brother. The children’s families all attended a reception for an unveiling of the work this week and shared words of gratitude about their little ones being immortalized in art.

Perhaps its true that more than a half a million more people will see the black, Hispanic and white children having fun on a Milwaukee street but Scott Walker sure won’t need to see it and be reminded of the real significance of his job.
Via Mother Jones