Changing Times

Shirley, our two small kids, and I moved into our house in April of 1975. The previous owners had nicely landscaped the property. Over the years, we have added to and modified that landscaping in several ways. One of several trees that has lived here longer than we have is an Alder, Alnus rhombifolia (I think). In the midst of a heat wave a few weeks ago, it lost its leaves. It is deciduous and we didn’t remember exactly when it normally lost leaves. We were worried that it was too early in the season. Well, with its bark peeling away it is now completely clear that it is dead.

Our Dead Adler

Dead adler bark

Our tree maintenance person will be here in the morning to give us an estimate on removing it. It almost doesn’t matter what the estimate is, the tree must be removed and soon. It will become increasingly dangerous as time goes by.
It’s all a bit sad.