Claremont McKenna College Caught

Claremont McKenna College, a liberal arts school near Los Angeles, said a college official had reported inaccurate SAT entrance exam statistics since 2005.
The SAT scores for critical reading and/or math were generally inflated by an average of 10 to 20 points each year, according to a letter to the college community by Claremont McKenna President Pamela B. Gann. The school belongs to the group of seven schools known as the Claremont Colleges. – SF Gate

I’ve had a nearly lifelong relationship with the Claremont Colleges: first as a student at what was at the time called the Claremont Graduate School; then as a proud parent of two Pomona College graduates, and finally as library patron and free concert goer. I’m at the library at least once a week and walk through some part of the various college campuses campus often.
Other than attending an occasional performance of one kind or another, I’ve never really had much contact with Claremont McKenna College but this deception both saddens me and angers me.
It may well be true that this was indeed the work of a single person. But, if so, it is no more than a convenient truth. Without doubt, there was and likely still is an administrative culture that prompted this single person to act the way he or she acted.