Crazy Alphabetic Cuneiform Ms

I spent much of today improving the graphics for my paper on the Tiryns ivory inscription. Here’s the M chart.

Crazy Ms

I’ll add labels later. The first row, if you can call it a row, is my drawing of what I claim to be the alphabetic cuneiform M on the Tiryns ivory inscription. The second row has drawings of all three Ms on KTU 1.77. The third row has the four Ms on KTU 4.31 and the last row has the nine Ms on KTU 4.710.
Those of you who know Ugaritic but have not looked at photographs of the actual tablets having alphabetic cuneiform written from right to left (rather than the usual left to right) may find these Ms odd. But they are all variants on the normal form for those few texts written from right to left and in a/the short cuneiform alphabet.
By the way, these are not the only tablets with crazy Ms. They just have the closest morphology to my “M” glyph on the Tiryns ivory. Ms on a few other tablets have the same general pattern but the top wedge on these other examples tends to point in a more upward, but still to the left, direction. They tend to look somewhat like the forth M on KTU 4.31 or with their two wedges pointing nearly straight up and straight down. They do make good footnote material.