Crowd, Group, Clique Sourcing

I am looking photographs of tablets KTU 4.61 (RS 11.[914]), KTU 4.89 (RS 11.796) and KTU 4.43:1,5 (RS 9.011) from Ugarit that are good enough for paleographical analysis. They are not on InscriptiFact. Well, part of one of them is on InscriptiFact but not the part I’m interested in. I’ve reached out to a couple of scholars who may have access to or advice about such pictures. I’ve heard from one of them who is checking his sources and I’m confident that I’ll hear from the other but in the mean time I wonder if any of the few, the proud, the abnormal have good pictures of any of these tablets or know where I can get them without paying the museums (two are in the Louvre and one is in the Aleppo National Museum) to photograph them for me.