Dealing With Error In Someone Else’s Work

Over at Savage Minds, Adam Fish discusses how to deal with colleagues who are wrong. I think Adam is correct so I see no need to collaborate with him when he says,

We’ve all been there. You’ve read a book or article closely aligned to your own research. In your opinion your peer has made one or two mistakes, one factual, malum in se, or dead wrong, and another, malum prohibitum, or theoretically suspect. What to do?
You’ve got several options, 1) write a book review, tearing apart the author for poor research, 2) kindly fold in a gentle critique into your future writing, or 3) contact the author with the goal of establishing a collaboration. . .

I’m quite sure I’ve made the wrong choice a couple of times both in essays and on Abnormal Interests. Read Adam’s whole post. See if you can find anything wrong in what he says. If you do, be sure to flame him for it.Happy Face