5 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Our Cat”

  1. Don’t listen to Jim, he’s completely wicked 😉
    What’s Purina doing under ‘inedibles’ anyway?! It’s completely edible for cats. Stupid store. Shop somewhere else. Otherwise stop buying choc chip cookies – they’re bad for you – and buy a cheaper cut of meat … or none at all. Buy baked beans. Too much red meat is bad for men. Gives them prostrate cancer. However, Purina is very good for your cat – she knows. And it will last alot longer that the rest of the groceries.

  2. I took the test that afarensis suggested and got this answer, “There is a 80% chance your cat is plotting to kill you.” I kind of doubt it. The fact is that he is kind of a scaredy-cat, so even if he is plotting to kill us, he’s too much of a coward to pull it off.
    It good to see that afarensis is well enough to be so concerned about my health.

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