Early Bronze Age Burial Excavated In Syria

The Syrian Arab News Agency is reporting the discovery of an Early Bronze Age burial in the village of Sousan, 12 kilometers west of Ein al-Arab, Aleppo governorate. Excavators date the burial to c. 2150-2250 BCE.

Syrian Burial

SANA Photograph

He [Director of Aleppo Archeology and Museums, Dr. Yousef Kanjo] said that the excavations uncovered the remains of 8 skeletons of different ages and in different positions, most of them in a crouching position with the head facing north.
Other finds include funerary artifacts such as pottery like dishes, cups and other wares dating back to the early Bronze age (circa 2150-205 BC) in addition to a bone fragment decorated with interlocking geometric shapes, bronze awls, a spear tip, a hammer, a bull-shaped figurine, and ornamental accessories including a bracelet, a necklace and beads. [SANA English]

Considering all that is going on in Syria these days, I’m a little surprised that anyone is doing archaeology. But then, the article doesn’t tell us the circumstances of the discovery.
Via Archaeology News Network