Est confirmée par collation

With these words my little research project on the meaning of SAL.É/KID.KAR comes to a cross roads. “. . .est confirmée par collation” is what Sylvie Lackenbacher wrote to justify reading SAL.KID.KAR at the end of RS 8.208 line 6. What this means is that she looked at the actual tablet and believes she saw SAL.KID.KAR rather than SAL.É.KAR as Thureau-Dangin and Nougayrol thought they saw. My working thesis requires that the tablet read SAL.É.KAR.
If you have really abnormal interests and are not sure what this is all about check out my posts on the Akkadian tablet RS 8.208 from Ugarit. At the time I wrote those posts I hadn’t read Sylvie Lackenbacher or Enst Kutsch’s translations and discussions of the tablet as a whole or these three signs in particular. I’ve now read them. Kutsch appears to be the first to suggest SAL.KID.KAR. Lackenbacher and the CAD lexicographers follow him.
Without actually seeing the tablet there is no way I can argue against something that “est confirmée par collation.”
So I now have a new set of questions. Do I believe strongly enough in my thesis to justify a trip to Paris (or maybe to Syria!) for the evidence in the clay. Or is there a high resolution photograph of RS 8.208 that will serve my purposes? While I’m sure Shirley would be happy to join me in Paris, I’m not so sure about Syria. I will try to look into the question of a high resolution photograph first. My total research budget for this project is the cost of a trip to Paris short of the cost of a trip to Paris.
But this is how research goes. I always learn more from the journey than from the destination. This little experience also shows the importance of a literature search.
I may have some more to say on all this and prostitution in an upcoming post.

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