Fair Warning

I will not be attending the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature this year. Anyone who has delayed a decision until this announcement should now feel safe to attend next month’s mega affair in New Orleans.
However, I will be making a presentation at the Pacific Coast regional meeting in March. Make your plans accordingly.
My title will be “Blood and Dust: Listening for Sommer’s ‘Echo’ in Akkadian and Hebrew Texts?” Only Shamash knows what I will actually say. My presentation, like all the presentations at the Neo-Assyrian Insights session next year, will be short, ≤ 10 minutes. Brad Kelle, the session chair, hopes that each presentation will engender discussion on future research directions.
Consider yourselves forewarned.

2 thoughts on “Fair Warning”

  1. It’s okay, Duane. I’ll be missing as well. Something about having just bought a house and teaching full time….
    Next year in Jerusalem. er… Atlanta.

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