Four Stone Hearth #100 Is Up

Yesterday, Martin Rundkvist posted the 100th edition of Four Stone Hearth at Aardvarchaeology. He also announced that he is relinquishing his task as coordinator. Martin has been an excellent carnival coordinator and those of us who post on the edges of anthropology owe him many thanks for his efforts to make it easy to keep informed in all things anthropological. Thank you Martin!
My old friend Afarensis has agreed to take up the mantle. And I thank him too.
Four Stone Hearth is a great resource for those of us who profit from the work of anthropologists but who are too lazy to follow their blogs on as regular basis as we should. One thing I like about this carnival is that it has, with only a few exceptions, stuck too its charter: archaeology, socio-cultural anthropology, bio-physical anthropology, and systematic theology linguistic anthropology. But perhaps that is easy when the charter is rather broad in the first place.