Go Eagles

Me in my letterman’s sweater“Eagles” is the mascot name of Bell High School. I graduated from that institution 1960. I’ve only returned one or two times since. Even those visits were long ago. Well, as you might have guessed, our graduating class is having a reunion in a few months. One of the organizers sent an email with the following suggestion. “We are encouraging everyone to wear old Letterman Sweaters/GAA sweaters or purple tees or anything purple/orange or white to Bell High. (Just to make it more fun).” I think I won’t! Shirley and I will likely attend some of the planned events. But that sweater is hot, heavy, uncomfortable, and strange looking. Besides, I was a gymnast and the football, baseball, and basketball players made fun of us.
If you’re curious, I did letter my last two years. I think the coach took mercy on me. The only events in which I competed on a regular basis were side horse, now better known as pommel horse (I was rather consistently second on the team) and the long horse, now better known as the vault (When fortunate, I was fifth). Once in a while if someone was sick or injured, I also competed on the parallel bars and even less frequently, I climbed the rope. Once there was a minor epidemic that disabled all our better gymnasts and the coach recruited me at the last minute to compete on the rings. How did I do? As best as I can remember, I didn’t kill myself. I did finish dead last. I don’t think high school gymnasts climb the rope or compete on the rings, at least not the swinging rings, any more. I’m sure those changes haven’t help improve the football, baseball, and basketball players’ opinion of gymnasts.