Good News (for me)

I just got confirmation that The Catholic Biblical Quarterly (CBQ) will publish my paper, “Pisser Against the Wall: an echo of divination in biblical Hebrew?” sometime within the next couple of quarters. Since I submitted the manuscript well over a year ago and only minor revisions were called for at that time, I’m sure glad tenure or some other life altering event isn’t riding on this publication schedule. Actually, I learned that they accepted it for publication back in March of last year but received an update this morning.
I suppose it’s abnormal to feel a need to explain why I chose an old fashioned print journal rather than a new fangled online publication as an outlet for my first published scholarly paper since 1977. Yes, there is a 33-year hole in my vita. There were two elements that played into my decision. First, and most important, an old colleague, after hearing my presentation at the 2008 Society of Biblical Literature, Pacific Coast Regional Meeting, suggested I submit it to CBQ. Second, I thought my first paper in 33 years deserved a more classical presentation.
Why the CBQ? First, see reason one above. Second, just about everyone ranks the CBQ in the top four or five scholarly journals in the field of biblical studies. They fairly obviously have no sectarian bias when it comes to paper authors.
As far as I may publish in the future, my plan is to submit to either electronic or print journals depending on where I think the work will find the most appreciative, critical, audience. Papers on abnormal interests have enough problems. They deserve appreciative audiences.

3 thoughts on “Good News (for me)”

  1. Congratulations! I enjoyed the posts on the topic and look forward to the article.
    Are there any processes in higher ed or in publication that aren’t measured in geologic intervals? (Oh, yes: durations of teaching contracts.)

  2. You’ll get a kick out of this – I was at WECSOR that spring when you gave the paper, but that isn’t the best part of this story.
    Just last week in an elder meeting at my church, one of the elders mentioned having heard about the passage where the reference is to one who pees against the wall and asked if I knew anything about it. I replied that indeed I had and that I had even sat through a paper devoted entirely to that very subject two years ago!
    And so here it is, within the course of 1 week, I’m reminded of your paper by a random conversation and then notified of its impending publication on your blog!
    Ok … just thought I’d pass that along!
    Congrats on the publication!

  3. Brooke,
    I really feel sorry for those of you who need to publish in good journals and also need to get your stuff out there in a hurry. Something needs to be done about it but I’m not sure what.
    I find it abnormal that you would remember that paper. I must have traumatized my audience more than I thought. Anyway, I’m glad my remakes came in handy. One never knows what one will need to know.

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