Happy Blasphemy Day

Today is International Blasphemy Day. If you like blasphemy, and who doesn’t, head over to Dr Jim’s Thinking Shop & Tea Room for some of the highest quality blasphemy since Mark Twain wrote this to Charles Warren Stoddard in 1885,

Peace of mind is a most valuable thing. The Bible has robbed the majority of the world of it during many centuries; it is but fair that in return it should give some to an individual here & there. But you must not make the mistake of supposing that absolute peace of mind is obtainable only through some form of religious belief: no, on the contrary I have found that as perfect a peace is to be found in absolute unbelief.

Or this from the “The Lowest Animal,”

Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion–several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven….The higher animals have no religion. And we are told that they are going to be left out in the Hereafter. I wonder why? It seems questionable taste.

Have a wonderful day of perfect peace.

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